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4 Tips to check the quality of a solar panel

4 Tips to check the quality of a solar panel

Solar panel, also known as solar chip, is a kind of photoelectric semiconductor sheet that generates electricity by making use of sunlight. It has been widely used in all the fields related to new energy, and is applied to every photovoltaic product. The quality of solar panel components will directly affect the energy efficiency of the products. You can find a solar panel from many solar panel. But you may buy solar panels of poor quality if you know little information about it. Therefore, it’s difficult to pick a high-quality solar panel. Jiangsu Reeco Logic Co., Ltd., one of the most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, offers you four important tips to help you check the quality of a solar panel.

1. Observe the front side

First, carefully check the surface of the tempered glass, and some solar panel manufacturers may seldom pay attention to the tempered glass. If the surface of the tempered glass is inadvertently dripping with silica gel, the gel should be removed promptly and cleanly, otherwise the power generation efficiency of the solar panel will be affected.

2. Observe the battery cell

Some manufacturers even use broken battery cells to form seemingly complete cells to reduce costs. But it may cause safety hazards, and you are unable to find them at the beginning. This kind of battery cell is easy to fracture under long-term use, thus affecting the normal use of the entire solar panel. In addition, high temperature will also lead to fire, threatening the lives of pedestrians.

3. Observe the back side

First, check the technical parameters marked on the back of the solar panel, such as open-circuit voltage, short-circuit current, and operating voltage, etc. Second, observe the pressure bearing effect of solar panel back. You can determine the solar panel is unqualified in the event of bubbles, folds and other traces.

4. Observe the junction box

Junction box is a connecting device of solar cell modules. The main role of solar photovoltaic junction box is to export electrical energy produced by the solar cell module. The firm installation of a junction box also affects the working efficiency of the solar panel, so a cover should be firmly and tightly attached to the junction box.
Bear in mind the above four tips before purchasing solar panels, select according to the configuration you need, and you can find the best quality solar panel.

Post time: May-13-2022