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5 kw hybrid three phases inverter

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Characteristics :

■ On/off grid swith time < 10ms ; Inductive load<1.2kw;

Extra light weight < 25kg for simplify installation ;

■ IP65 protection level, suitable for harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, high cold, and long-term continuous and reliable operation. The designed life is up to 25 years.

■ Support grid-connected and off-grid unstoppable switching;

With the function of energy management, support unmanned autonomous operation without EMS.

■ With flexible configuration, it can select photovoltaic/- mains charging modes and the buried

Lithium battery, support Wi-Fi and GPRS wireless monitoring mode, and support multiple-unit parallel operation, convenient for expansion.

Efficiency curve

PV - GRID Efficiency Curve


Topological graph


PV parameters
Maximum output power 6000W 6000W
Maximum DC voltage 580V 580V
Maximum input current 11A/11A 11/11A
DC overcurrent protection 14A 14A
MPPT voltage range 125V-550V 125-550V
MPPT input circuit number 2 2
Battery parameters
Battery type Lithium battery Lithium battery
Battery voltage range 40V-58V 80V-400V
Rated battery voltage 48V 300V
Maximum charge and discharge efficiency95%/94% 95%/94%
Maximum charge and discharge current 70A/100A 70A/100A
AC side parameters
Rated power grid power 5000W 5000W
Power grid voltage range 170V-280V 170V-280V
Rated power grid frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Maximum AC input/output current 22.8A/22.8A 22.8A/22.8A
Power factor -0.8overexcited, 0.8underexcited
THDi <3% <3%
Load side parameter
Rated power 5000W 5000W
Maximum output current 22.8A 22.8A
Overcurrent protection rated 21.7A 21.7A
Power factor -0.8overexcited, 0.8underexcited
THDi <3% <3%
Eff iciency    
MPPT power 99.9% 99.9%
European efficiency 97% 97%
Max. efficiency 97.6% 97.6%
Conventional parameters    
Size (width / height / thickness) 495*516*152mm 495*516*152mm
Weight < 25kg < 25kg
Operating temperature -25°C~60°C -25°C~60°C
Noise index 25dB <30dB
Relative humidity 0-95% 0-95%
Operating altitude <2000 <2000
Cooling mode Natural cooling Natural cooling
Protection level IP65 IP65
Protective function    
Anti-islanding protection Yes Yes
DC switch (PV) Yes Yes
Output overcurrent protection Yes Yes
Output overvoltage protection Yes Yes
Output short circuit protection Yes Yes
Display LED LED
Communication interface WIFI、RS485、GPRS WIFk RS485、GPRS
Quality guarantee 5 5

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