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10 kw hybrid three phases inverter

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■ On/off grid switch time < 10ms

Inductive load <3.3kw

Connect 100% unbalanced load at off grid model Wide battery voltage range 200V-800v

Adopt IP65 protection level, suitable for harsh environments such as high altitude, high temperature, high cold, and long-term continuous and reliable operation. The designed life is up to 25 years.

■ Support grid-connected and off-grid seamless


With the function of energy management, support unmanned autonomous operation without EMS.

■ With flexible configuration, it can select photovolta- ic/mains charging modes and the buried

Lithium battery, support Wi-Fi and GPRS wireless monitoring mode, and support multiple-unit parallel operation, convenient for expansion.

Efficiency curve

PV - GRID Efficiency Curve



Topological graph



Model SMT-10K-TH-HV
PV parameters
Maximum output power 13000W
Maximum DC voltage 1000V
Maximum input current 11/11A
DC overcurrent protection 14A
MPPT voltage range 330-800V
MPPT input circuit number 2
Battery parameters
Battery type Lithium battery
Battery voltage range 200V-800V
Rated battery voltage 500V
Maximum charge and discharge efficiency 98%/98%
Maximum charge and discharge current 25A/25A
AC side parameters
Rated power grid power 1 oooow
Power grid voltage range 400V~230V;380V~220V
Rated power grid frequency 50/60Hz
Maximum AC input/output current 16A/16A
Power factor -0.8overexcited, 0.8underexcited
THDi <3%
Load side parameter
Rated power 10OOOW
Maximum output current 16A
Overcurrent protection 14.5A
Power factor -0.8overexcited, O.Sunderexcited
THDi <3%
MPPT power 99.9%
European efficiency 97%
Max. efficiency 98.6%
Conventional parameters  
Size (width / height / thickness) 548*550* 188mm
Weight <40kg
Operating temperature -25°C~60°C
Noise index <30dB
Relative humidity 0-95%
Operating altitude <2000
Cooling mode Natural cooling
Protection level IP65
Protective function  
Anti-islanding protection Yes
DC switch (PV) Yes
Output overcurrent protection Yes
Output overvoltage protection Yes
Output short circuit protection Yes
Display LED
Communication interface WIFI、RS485、GPRS
Quality guarantee 5

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